Carvings by Steve Rothschild

Steve’s wooden crafts range from hand carved wood heads and sprites to walking sticks. Each carving is a one of a kind work of art. (Click Here for our online shop)

Stephen Rothschild was a health insurance field adjuster/agent (retired) with a degree in Commercial Art and Visual Design.
He started carving about twenty ago after his wife Carol brought home a walking stick from a Renaissance Fair. The style used on the stick was Germanic, a very heavy cutting in style.
Steve worked hard to master the technique and style as can be seen in his work now.
A Leprechaun, cedar head, with a stovepipe hat, was his next objective. The very distinctive carving strokes are strong yet flowing, which gives these little guys a flair of grace and some humor.
Note that they are all individuals. Like snowflakes, they are similar but not exactly the same. Steve’s work is constantly evolving and the “character heads” and “tree stump base relief carvings are his latest conquest.
These carvings are closer to fine art sculpting than his walking sticks, which brings the circle to a close. While getting his degree in art, sculpting was a course in which Steve really found his “niche”. He discovered that he was very comfortable working in the third dimension and excelled in these classes.

It is Steve’s hope that you enjoy his work. Take a look at our online store where you can find one for your own home.

Also available: hand carved walking sticks and wooden decorations.